About ICC 2019

Are you human? – A question becoming more and more relevant and often used in our day today life – all because of the digital takeover. “Digital” is no longer the buzzword but the way of life, it is no longer the change element, but the constant in the way everyday aspects of our life is being changed. Gone are the days when you used to pop by the neighbours to get sugar, the digital takeover has led to us asking Siri or Google Assistant and the e-commerce website delivers it to our house even before we can go to open the door.

Our daily life is changing for sure, but is it for good? What about businesses? What about security and privacy? What about the economy? What about Governance? It is with these questions in mind that ISACA Chennai is fully geared up for the ISACA CHENNAI CONFERENCE 2019 – with the theme indicating the days to come – “EVERYTHING DIGITAL – All that matters”. We truly appreciate and understand the value you look for in each ICC and we strive to bring you the best array of relevant topics and ideas that will power tomorrow’s world.

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