Praveen Kumar


Workshop 1- SecDevOps Masterclass

A phased approach to continuous delivery is not only preferable, it’s infinitely more manageable”. This quote by Maurice Kherlakian, refers to DevOps, a movement that has seeped into organizations across the globe, resulting in Continuous delivery of apps. However, security remains a serious bottleneck for DevOps. Organizations struggle with including security in continuous delivery processes. This training is a comprehensive, focused and practical approach at implementing Security for your Continuous Delivery Pipeline. The training is backed by a ton of hands-on labs, original research and real-world implementations of DevSecOps that work

Praveen Kumar is a Senior Security Lead at we45, a focused Application Security company. As a Pentester, he has worked and led multiple Penetration testing projects of web, mobile applications and Infrastructure pentests for some of the top travel booking sites, Fintech and other organizations. He has also analysed and compared some of the top AppSec tools and worked closel with automation teams to integrate these tools into the DevOps pipeline. He has conducted webinars and hands-on training for clients on Application security including an in-depth analysis of the OWASP top 10 vulnerabilities. He has also conducted Internal training on new vulnerability and exploits. He participates in multiple CTF events (Defcon, HacktheBox, etc.) and has worked on creating Intentionally Vulnerable Applications for CTF competitions and Secure Code Training.