Ramya Mahendran

Design Squiggle

Workshop 2- Service Design Masterclass

As digital brings anything, anytime, anyone, any where, any ways – it is time to change our delivery and business models through user centric thinking.

In this Masterclass, the participants will learn to use service design thinking in building products and services that seamlessly bring together digital and physical touchpoints for the user. This human centric approach will help the stakeholders of a system to design and build experiences that are seamless for every stakeholder involved.

Ramya Mahendran is an managed innovation specialist and design thinking experts with over 9 years of experience in the field of innovation consulting. She has worked as a design thinking and business model coach for a corporate incubator and accelerator programs. She specializes in setting up innovation strategy, opportunity identification, large scale ideation campaigns and facilitating rapid prototyping events like jams and hackathons, organizing large-scale Innovation summits and global crowd-sourcing events. She is certified in Design Thinking by Darden School of Business. Her other specialization include Jobs to be done, Business Models, Entrepreneurship Management, Managed Innovation, and Lean Startup.