Senthil Kumar G


Workshop 3: Hands-on & Heads-on on Game Design

HOHO (Hands-on & Heads-on) learning session on Gamification. The session focusses on equipping the learners with game design elements and game principles, and help them in applying the same in non-game contexts, typically in various corporate processes, and learning and development

Senthil is the Founder & Chief Board Gamer at MADIEE. He is a passionate teacher at heart and designs his own board games with a vision to inspire learning by shifting it from blackboard to gameboard. He has been selected as Young Social entrepreneur by Singapore International Foundation and was awarded by Nalandaway foundation for his game on child sexual abuse. He trains corporate leaders in the field of social emotional learning and entrepreneurial skills and has been rated outstanding for his methodology.

He is a Mechanical engineer graduate from College of Engineering Guindy, and specialised in nano fluids for his Masters. He is the recipient of prestigious Young India Fellowship, and was certified by Harvard Business School in HBx-CORe.