Note: The workshop selection page is only for delegates registered for the workshop. Please check the prerequisites mentioned below before making the selection. Only 45 seats per workshop. Seats will be alloted on a first come, first served basis.

Workshop 1: SecDevOps Masterclass

A phased approach to continuous Delivery of Applications is what termed as Dev Ops. Building Application without Security is not worthy of its existence. Therefore Security also needs to be in built in this Continuous Delivery making the topic as DevSecOps. We have one of the workshop on Sept 12th 2019 as part of ICC2019 conducted by We45 who specializes in the same. There will be hands on session on SAST and DAST (Static and Dynamic Security Testing) and will also be exposed to various tools used for this purpose. Digital transformation will not happen without applications being built using Emerging Technologies and the success story of this building block is Secure Continuous Delivery. Come, learn and Apply DevSecOps in your Profession.

Prerequisites for SecDevOps workshop:

  • Laptop (for hands-on labs)
  • Personal internet connection (Note: Internet connection will not be provided at the Hotel)

Workshop 2: Lets Gamify Learning and Development

A Hands-on workshop with some concepts taught to orient the learner on the game-based learning (why, what and how) with some industry case-studies. Learn and experiment with game design techniques. Takeaways from Workshop on game designing

  • Understand the power of play/games
  • Foster creative/innovative thinking
  • How to make difficult/boring/monotonous areas of business training/communication fun

Prerequisites for Lets gamify learning and development workshop:

  • None

Workshop 3: Service Design Masterclass

This Masterclass on about applying the power of empathetic design in creating optimal service experiences for all stakeholders involved. Human behaviour resists change of any kind, especially anything that is novel to and breaks them out of comfort zone. To aid this change and ease every related stakeholder into new interactions, frameworks, infrastructure and supporting systems, we take the aid of Service Design. It helps you envision and implementation in scales, big or small. Workshop will explore,

  • Quantitative Design Research to explore contextualizing with power of jobs to be done
  • Co-creation to create systems, products and services that users want to use again and again and again
  • Holistic and Inclusive design implementation to create optimal experience at every touch point of the system for the most relevant stakeholders
  • Value and Experience Creation by breaking complexities into meaningful journeys and visualizing tangible service experience

Prerequisites for Service Design Masterclass: 

  • None

** Above Conference Workshop and agenda subject to availability of trainers